Social enterprise classes around Harvard

There has been a boom in course offerings for social enterprise and impact investing around Harvard University.  Here are some of the classes I’ve seen being offered this year.

Entrepreneurship in the Private and Social Sectors, a class taught jointly between HBS and HKS, a class for which I’m a teaching assistant. Taught by Richard Cavanagh and Robert Higgins.  This class was taught at HKS, and has taken on new form as a joint offering across the river.

Social Impact Investing: Field Course at HBS, taught by Michael Chu.  In this field course, students select and advise a social enterprise that has received, or has the potential to obtain, funding from impact investors.

Social Innovation Lab: Field Course at HBS, taught by Allen Grossman and Dutch Leonard.

The above courses are taught at Harvard’s new i-Lab.  The Innovation Lab is Harvard’s most recent attempt to introduce cross-disciplinary curricular and extracurricular offerings.  The idea, as I have heard it, is that students from across disciplines can better tackle the world’s problems, which never respect disciplinary boundaries.

New Frontiers in Philanthropy, Social Enterprise and Impact Investing at HKS, taught by David Wood and James Bildner.  David takes a policy perspective on impact investing, thinking about how government should react to the trend.

Social Entrepreneurship at HLS, taught by Suzanne McKechnie Klahr.  Suzanne has taught this class at Stanford and is visiting Harvard Law School this winter as she teaches Harvard Law’s first entrepreneurship class.

Social Entrepreneurship and Global Innovation, at the College, taught by Gordon Bloom.  Gordon taught this class at Stanford, Princeton, and at the Kennedy school, and now teaches it to undergraduates in the Yard.

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