Roundup of articles on social enterprise and social investment

Here is a small batch of interesting writing on social enterprise and social investment.

In Search of a New Model for Government-Social Enterprise Collaboration, 6 Jan 2012, in the Stanford Social Innovation Review by K Sree Kumar, CEO of Intellicap, a rising Indian management consulting firm that specializes in microfinance.

An overview of NSW Australia’s social import bond request for proposals (see RFP here), 10 Jan 2012, by Steve Goldberg, Managing Director of Social Finance US.  Steve also runs the blog Billions of Drops in Millions of Buckets in which this article is published and which is eponymous with the book he has written.

Malnutrition in India is widespread, 10 Jan 2012, NYT: “Roughly 42 percent of all Indian children under age 5 suffer from malnutrition…”

The Speed issue of Google’s new Think Quarterly magazine.

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